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Staycation Fiberglass Pools

Our company was build on the pillars of INTEGRITY, CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE, AND EDUCATION FIRST! Just because you can “INSTALL” a fiberglass pool doesn’t mean you can “INSTALL” a fiberglass pool. We get called to job sites all the time from customers expressing concerns that their builder is not using industry best practices which will lead to costly repairs down the road. Though THOUSANDS of Fiberglass pool installs, industry leaders have EVOLVED to create systems and fixes for issues they encountered but many inexperienced builders are either cutting corners to lower project cost or simply not doing what is RIGHT FOR THE CLIENT.

Learn more about what YOU should ASK and DEMAND from your INSTALLER and see how WE install pools, STAYCATION WAY!

Staycation Fiberglass Pool being built

Why Fiberglass

Can you get CHEAP Fiberglass Pools? Yes, Absolutely. Can you get them from US? No, Absolutely Not. Not all pools are created equal to include gunite and we encourage you to research before starting one of the most expensive projects you will likely ever do in your backyard.

Over 45,000 products are made from fiberglass to include Elite Sports Cars, Million Dollar Yachts and Airplanes to name a few, yet every negative article about these pools are written by a concrete pool company. Why is this? Simply because fiberglass and 3D printed pools are the future and as people are researching and educating themselves, they are now asking for Fiberglass by name.

Maybe you never knew you had a BETTER alternative to a concrete (gunite) pool or you were told FIBERGLASS POOLS don’t last, are ugly or are not a REAL POOL. We have seen some pretty questionable pools from both fiberglass installers to gunite pools and we BELIEVE a KIA and a CADILLAC will take you to the same places but its the EXPERIENCE, VALUE and FEATURES that matter. You see, the pool shell is the only main difference between the two pools. The decking, rock features, lights, water features, slides, equipment, etc is all customizable, but now you have a FIBERGLASS POOL with a Lifetime Warranty that uses 1/3 of the chemicals and doesn’t need to be resurfaced like a comparable concrete pool.

Staycation Fiberglass Pool being built

Pool Models

We offer over 150 of the most stunning designs that your family will love. Which is your favorite?
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